Do you remember Tatsuya Tanaka? Well he continues surprising us with his Daily Miniature Calendar Photo Project

January 9, 2018

Tatsuya Tanaka is an art director and photographer and since April 2011, his imagination drove him to built a magnificent number of miniature worlds.

Through the artist’s clever lens, everyday activities like construction work, walking the dog, getting a parking ticket, and plowing through a blizzard become delight-inducing scenarios. Tanaka also plays with pop culture references, building staple skyscrapers for Godzilla to prowl.

So please if you are so in love with his work as I am go checkout his Instagram, where he shares his creations each and every day. With over two thousand scenes and counting, he has garnered an impressive followership of a million people. In August, Tanaka also released a book of his work, Small Wonders – Life Portrait in Miniature. (via Tu Recepcja)

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