Looper, a sketch plugin for Duplicate, Rotate and Scale the smart way

June 16, 2017

Looper is the plugin that will help us easily creating numerous patterns and visual elements without the struggle of duplicating, scaling and rotating manually.

It has a very intuitive and simple interface and you can build your loop within seconds!

Rotate, Scale and Opacity

This plugin automatically calculates the right angle to achieve a 360 degree rotation for a given duplication count that you select.

The scale feature works with groups and single layers, allowing a proportional scale or random.

Looper calculates the rotation angle to achieve a perfect 360 degree rotation for a given duplication count.

This plugin also plays around with opacity, if you want you can also configure how the opacity will affect your final result.

I did a quick look on this plugin


Maybe this plugin suits best for graphic designers but still, web designers can use it to create awesome patterns and visual elements for their interfaces.

The plugin is simple and very intuitive, what allows the quick and easy creation of this loops.

The live preview it’s a well played move, it let’s the user see what’s happening, while changing the numbers and the controls on the plugin panel.

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