Hover Camera Passport – The new era of selfies

December 18, 2017

Say good bye to the old selfie method

And say hello to this drone that will be your personal photographer and change the way you record memories of yourself and with friends.

Auto Follow & Truly Autonomous Flight

Using face detection technology, Hover Camera Passport can track your face or body and accompany your journey.

For truly smartphone-free flying, Hover Camera Passport’s “Owner Mode” feature autonomously finds you and  follows you right out of the box.


Hover Camera Passport folds up to a travel-friendly size that can easily fit into a small bag or purse, perfectly compact for capturing your moments on-the-go.

Orbit & 360 Spin

Film yourself autonomously as Hover Camera Passportcircles around you.

Capture 360 degrees of panoramic video, featuring you in your environment.

Safe & Lightweight

Hover Camera Passport weighs in at a mere 242 grams, meaning you don’t need to be registered to use it in some regions.

Unlike drones, Hover Camera Passport’s enclosed carbon fiber form factor enables you to safely grab it mid-air.

Gesture Control

Snap photos using hand gestures, not your phone.

The price?

Well you all may be trying to guess the price for this cool gadget, well it’s not cheap but it’s kind of affordable, it costs less than 500€ and you can buy it at Get Hover (gethover.com).

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