Why every country should have a good public transportation

March 4, 2017

In a perfect world, cars should be the last option when it comes to transport yourself to somewhere. Why this didn’t happen yet?

I’m João (My parents ruined my international artist life by giving me a name that only the Portuguese can pronounce). I studied and I work in the capital of Portugal — Lisbon, where a rent can be two times more expensive than your salary.

I always went to school or work by metro, bus or train. It was never perfect but nowadays tend to be impossible to use public transportation. I always have the feeling that I live in a underdeveloped country.

In 2017 we should be able to get from the point A to point B faster by public transportation, then by our personal vehicle. But this is still a myth.

More and more roads for cars

City’s are full of cars, this increase the CO2 emissions, consequently this have a major impact on the global warming and a directly impact on our health.

The Portuguese is an idiot sometimes, but we are not the only ones. Instead of creating more roads we should be creating more bike paths, new infrastructures for metro, adding more rails and carriages to the train and so on.

Price vs Quality

For the ones who are new to this country we pay like 42,50€ for a public transportation pass that gives you access to train, metro, bus and trem in the city center and few spots beyond the center. If you want to have a full pass, like if you live at 25km from the center, you can pay something like 80€ or more.

Now, let’s talk about the quality? It’s h-o-r-r-i-b-l-e. How can I go to work, when the train is always late, and when it arrives the train station, it is so full that people starts fighting for their spot inside the train. It’s ridiculous.

How this affects the economy and the happiness?

In Portugal, according to a survey done by the European Commission there’s about 24% of people that uses public transports as their travel method.

It means that the workers and the students of this percentage, will be late to school or work, thanks to our bad system.

And there is more. Taking the train is the first things I do in the morning, it’s the day start for many of us. I do this routine every single day and I know I’m on time, because I can take two trains before risking getting late to my work. The first didn’t appear at the expected time, as usual. We are announced that the train is 20 minutes late.

After 25 minutes it arrives the train station, and it’s full, with lots of people trying to get out, and a huge mass of people trying to get in and fitting all the space available. I see people arguing and fighting for their spot inside the train. I let it go, and I wait for the next one since I couldn’t enter in this one.

The second one came. Late and full again. But this time I had to enter because I was already late for work. I jump in and I make a journey inside a cabine where I can’t move. I have people all over me, bad odors, heat, I start hyperventilating (I’m claustrophobic).

Finally I get to my destination and I end my journey by foot. This affected my mood, I had a terrible day start and my work won’t be the same. I’ll produce less since I had a terrible journey. I arrived late to my work so it also affected my boss who needed me earlier and I din’t arrive in time. Consequently our client is frustrated because the work isn’t done, maybe we will lost our client, we don’t know.

So this was what I figured out:

This had impact at the economy because the company I work for was a victim of the train delay and risked loosing a client. My boss was sad because I was late more than once this week, and I am extremely unhappy because I can loose my job and I had all this situations, not because of me, but because of a public transportation that should work!

Seriously this is not my case, because I have a nice CEO that knows how the public transportation is, but there’s a lot of people and companies around there that are suffering from this defective system.


Having a good public transportation will increase the number of people using it as their travel method, this will have a huge benefit for our health, global warming and overall happiness.

Employees would stop arriving late to their jobs and this will increase the economy by increasing the productivity of those people, why? Because they are happier and not frustrated.

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