Calculated the free time vs the time spent at work

May 9, 2017

We work so many hours and so hard, that we forgot to live. Or maybe we just can’t live that much because we have no time for that.

Before we talk about the numbers, let me give you some background of my mindset.

I don’t like to feel demotivated or sad at work. In fact I hate to waste my time working for a poor boss, or a company that doesn’t value me. We spend so much time on our jobs, many people spend more hours at work than in their own houses. We should see it as our second house, and what do you do when you can’t see yourself living in your house? You move!

So if you are not satisfied, work hard and try to find a new place that fits your needs. If you are wondering about my path, you can read my story bellow.


50,55% of our time is “wasted time”

And I’m not talking about work, yet.

As you can see I did the math guys, and sorry for all the confusing stuff, but I skipped some math classes on high school.

So, I calculated the percentage of the time wasted, spent at work and the leftover — Our free time.

I started to define a period of time — 31 Days.

31 Days represent 21 business days and 4 weekends.

With this I was able to calculate the time we spent in a month. In my first attempt I forgot to subtract the time we spent in transporting ourselves from home to our workplace, etc.

I did all the math again and I’m shocked with the results.

In one month our time we spent our time this way:

50,55% of time is wasted on our usual travelling between our home and workplaces. Of course our sleeping time, eight hours per day, is included in this percentage. This percentage represents 372 hours in a month.

32,25% of time is spent in our jobs, nine hours per day. It represents 240 hours in a month.

17,20% last but not least, this is the percentage of time that we have for ourselves. It represents 128 hours in a month.

Life is so short, we have so many obligations, bills that need to be paid. How do I live and enjoy life with only 17,20% of free (awake) time?

The answer

I’m still trying to figure it out.

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